For Girls By Girls

IMG_4064.JPGLocation: Diourbel

Senegal’s low literacy rate of about 39%, has limited access to education for girls. Due to the lack of inadequate schools or far commute, many families in rural areas still only send boys to school while the girls are kept at home to help with housework. According to Unesco, although gender parity has been achieved in favor of girls in primary education, as the level of education increases girls’ enrollment rates decrease. Dropping out of school is significantly common not only in the transition from primary to secondary, but also within secondary education. 

“For Girls by Girls” is a three-year after school program based on empowering young girls through education and leadership. We will enroll a group under served girls between the ages of 7-15 years of age performing in group activities such as tutoring, reading, sports, arts to nurture their educational development. We will be in charge of their learning materials such as books, pens, notebooks, markers needed for the school year. Educational trips to the city will be arranged to visit museums, landmarks as well as participate in forums and events. By improving their literacy access, we hope to enable an environment equal opportunity for these girls.