Health Check Up

Earlier this year, we executed our health and wellness initiative. We were able to raise awareness on this issue; reestablish the hygiene standards in the Daaras; provide physical examinations for the children and medical treatments as needed. We also created We Are One health record booklets (carnet de santé) for each child, an innovative system that will help account for the Talibes and their state of being.

Each child was also given hygiene essentials such as toothpaste,toothbrush, soap and a sponge. The chidlren were taught how to brush their teeth and take care of their bodies. We were also able to provide them with brand new clothes and shoes from our clothes drive.

The Health and Wellness Initiative was created to address the exclusion of Talibes from  medical services by educating the community in hope of one day forging a path for Talibes in the nation’s healthcare system. Check out these pictures of our health check up day.