Impact and Sustainability

Impact and Sustainability

With our tailored projects, we will be able to address the needs of our disadvantage communities and work towards improving their living conditions by providing access, opportunity and lasting solutions to tackle present and future unforeseen circumstances. With a grassroots approach we will make sure that the whole community is educated and able to spread the message to other communities in hopes of positively impacting the nation.

To ensure the success of our program, we will hold a quarterly evaluation through interviews, observations during the different workshops and activities as well the overall management of the project. At the end of each quarter we will determine whether the project has progressed and expected outcome has been achieved.

The Uplifting Disadvantaged Communities program will also ensure sustainability by involving funding partners and non-profit foundations to support our own fundraising efforts via crowd funding, events and fundraisers. Upon graduating from the program, we will offer additional services encouraging the continuous growth of these communities as well as provide guidance and support.