No Barriers

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According to World Health Organization, about 15% of the Senegalese population are handicapped. The stigmatization of the handicapped in Senegal starts in early childhood and often plagues an individual for life. They are usually not part of the education process due to a lack infrastructure, which forces them to end up begging on the streets in order to survive. With very little social engagement and no infrastructure allowing them to be productive members of society, handicaps are some of the most marginalized people of Senegal.

With our program we hope to advocate for the rights of the disabled, provide them with their immediate needs such as wheelchairs, crutches etc.. and address the issues that have become barriers in their daily lives. With 80% of the physically disabled without jobs, most are forced to be beggars in order to survive. We will partner with handicap organizations in order to double our efforts as well pressure the Senegalese Government to make bigger strides when it comes to including the physically disabled in our society. A physically disabled child should have the same education opportunity as every other child. We will fight for wheelchair accessible infrastructures, inclusive workspaces and programs, which are beneficial to the physically disabled. No man or woman should be discriminated against because of his or her disability.