Uplifting Disadvantaged Communities Program

The Uplifting Disadvantaged Communities program is rooted in the belief that all human beings are equal despite physical, environmental or economic disadvantages. We seek to improve the living conditions of the marginalized and under privileged by equipping them with the necessary tools and resources in order to achieve full sustainability.

The Context

The difference between those that make it and those that don’t is a matter of “Opportunity. Although Senegal is one of the most stable democracies in West Africa, the Senegalese population is still dealing with a poverty-stricken environment that lacks a structure to encourage equality. With about 55% of the total population living below poverty line, we will mainly focus on rural and urban areas where poverty is much higher as they tend to be excluded and plagued with inadequate access to basic social rights. We have Talibes (Young boys) who spend their days begging in the streets in order to survive facing all forms of abuse inside and outside of their Daaras (homes), young girls who have very limited access to education due to the lack or inadequate schools or far commute, handicaps who are looked down upon by society with no resources to help them with their disability and rural families and communities who lack the proper necessities in order to be sustainable.

The Program

With a multi-sector all inclusive approach, we will be enrolling marginalized women,men  and children in a three year program where they will be non formally educated and trained in various development methods in order to achieve sustainability within their communities. We will be focusing on the Youth (Girls and Talibes) and the physically disabled. Our program consists of three main sectors:

  • Social rights based Education
  • Environmental sanitation & hygiene development
  • Economic growth through an entrepreneurial mindset

We will be implementing comprehensive projects for the physically disabled, young girls, Talibes and villages meant to identify the problem and address the issue to provide a lasting solution. This program will supply them with the necessary skills and resources such as wheelchairs for the disabled, clothing for the children and education through sports, artwork and conversation. Based on their expressed needs we will also be able to address larger scale issues such as attaining economic sustainability through business training.

Our Focus

  • Create opportunity for girls through education + entrepreneurship in rural communities
  • Provide accessibility, advocacy and resources for the handicaps.
  • Address the on-going Talibe Issue by creating a reformed Daara system
  • Develop lasting solutions improving environmental problems in poverty stricken neighborhood.


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